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In September of 2019, we released an open beta version of our app, Dyslexia.ai for Android. As much as 1 in 10 students have dyslexia. Being dyslexic myself, and struggling throughout my student life & career, we wanted to created an app to both help improve users' spelling & reading, and to aid in everyday life.



We currently have 3 core games - Spelling Words, Reading Words, and Guess the Vowel. Our database contains almost 10,000 of the most common words in the English language, broken up into short, medium, and long categories. With an account, users can track their words, and learn from incorrect answers. For correct answers, users will also earn special rewards! But more about that below! As a student progresses through the games, the app will learn & adapt to their reading level.

Voice Recognition

Modern mobile devices offer amazing resources which we've treid to use in creative ways to help test reading ability. Using voice recognition, we can present users with words, and have them reading them out aloud - and our app can verify if the word was read correctly.

Dyslexia.ai Vision Screenshot


Often, dyslexic students may encounter a word or phrase they can't pronounce. With our Vision feature, it's possible to take a photo from within Dyslexia.ai of a passage of text, and have the app read the text out aloud.

Dyslexia.ai Vision Screenshot

We use advanced machine learning, provided by Google's Firebase platform to achieve reliable, and swift results.


Consistency & practice is key when improving reading & spelling. With a profile, students can track their correct and incorrect words, earn XP, level up, and unlock rewards. We encourage students to spend 10 to 20 minutes a day playing our word games.

Dyslexia.ai Profile Screenshot

Narrator & Accessibility

Throughout the app, we use Text-to-Speech technology to narrate to our users. This greatly improves the accessibility of the app, and eases the pressure on students that are affected by dyslexia.

AR Rewards

Augmented Reality is fast becoming common place in mobile apps. While we're working on a number of AR features, one we've included in this beta is our rewards. When a correct answer is given, in any of our games, it's possible to earn a reward. Rewards are 3D models, of fun & colourful objects - just like you'd see in video games. These can be viewed within the app, and seen in the real world using AR, like this well in the picture below!

Dyslexia.ai AR Rewards

Dark Mode

Reading on a bright screen can be sore on the eyes, so we've also added a dark mode to help.

Dyslexia.ai Dark Mode Screenshot


You can download Dyslexia.ai right now for FREE!

Download from the Play Store


We'd love to hear what you think. We're committed to building the best app for dyslexic students out there. With your help, we can make this a reality. Please feel free to email or message us on social media!

Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you!


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